Introducing Catherine McGuire

Catherine is many things: an International Business Coach, Property Specialist, business woman, mentor, property developer, mother. But those are just some of her titles, at her core Catherine is a passionate, motivated individual whose goal is to inspire, motivate and guide others on their journeys to success. Resilient and even described a bit of maverick, Catherine loves what she does and it shows. Having been involved full-time in coaching and property since early 2012, Catherine has her consultancy business and coaching practice working with UK and International clients.


She oversees a portfolio of rental properties and a development company specialising in restoring Grade 2 Listed properties. Additionally, Catherine also facilitates Mastermind Groups for dedicated and focused entrepreneurs.

She is a keen lover of the outdoors and believes that fresh air and a natural environment can do one a world of good! Catherine also spends her time volunteering as a Deer Park Ranger for the National Trust and even offers coaching sessions in the great outdoors.

Catherine's Coaching

Catherine is passionate about business coaching, especially with businesswomen and
working with her clients to develop their businesses, no matter what field or calling that may be in. With her wealth of experience in business, she is able to guide others to grow their existing or new businesses to a sustainable level through focused strategy and goal setting which allows a basis on which to create success lists and, in turn, accountability.

Catherine is enthusiastic and determined to succeed. She is well connected, particularly in the property and finance worlds, and strives to create win-win situations for all. She has had many life experiences, good and bad, and has learnt from all of them. She lived, studied and worked abroad in France, Spain and Australia for four years when she was younger, an experience she thoroughly enjoyed. She has two beautiful grown-up children of whom she is immensely proud, has known poverty and wealth and has started a number of businesses over the years.

Catherine’s happiness and positivity is contagious and impresses upon all whom she encounters. Along with that, she has a deep-rooted belief that other people can succeed with the right support. Catherine is hugely dedicated to her clients and helping them on their journey to success, she genuinely wants her clients to succeed!. She looks forward to hearing from you to discuss how you can work together to realise your potential. For further information about Catherine’s Consultancy Services, please email:

Property Investment

Catherine is professionally trained in property investment. With a good, natural eye for property and their investment figures, Catherine especially loves breathing life back into old, derelict or tired buildings transforming them into beautiful homes which she either adds to her portfolio and rents out for cash flow, or sells for profit.

Coupling this expertise and talent with her business coaching and property mentoring clients, Catherine enjoys the challenge of helping and encouraging people of all ages create passive incomes. In December 2015, Catherine was invited to mentor international investors from all over the world for a major UK property training company based in London and is enjoying the challenge of staying current and one step ahead in an ever-changing international market. Through this opportunity, Catherine has been speaking at property events across the globe and learning even more about the UK property market and its attraction for foreign investment.

Motivated by results, in a short space of time (18 months), with little capital, Catherine built up a multi-million pound portfolio of buy-to-let properties making her ‘financially free’. Her portfolio consists of multiple strategies including land with a number of plots in various counties and overseas in the Cayman Islands that she is looking to develop in the future.

Catherine’s objective is to use this knowledge and experience not only to expand her own portfolio but to guide and support those looking to create portfolios of their own and enjoy the benefits of a passive income. For more information on how Catherine can help with your property business, please contact her on