Introducing Neil Stewart

Before I started creating my property investment portfolio, I joined the Army straight from school where I spent 14 years training as a communications engineer/technician. This was a great foundation however I knew I wanted to do things differently and not have to answer to anyone except myself.


I left and started up my own IT support company specialising in supporting local Primary schools, small businesses and the police which was very exciting and challenging. Being self employed, this was the point I started to look at property as a possible pension vehicle. Without any formal training and just a call from my Dad to say this is a great investment I jumped in head first to buy my first investment property. Yes you guessed it ..... It was the worst investment property I ever bought!


I now have and own multiple businesses and over the years made some silly mistakes but this is how we learn. As long as we learn from them and others who have the experience we can grow and achieve great success in our lives and businesses. 


I’m based in Wiltshire, and have two wonderful grown up children who we are immensely proud of. My daughter has investment properties of her own. At least when her Dad helped her to find investment properties he knew what he was doing and she is well on her way to passive income and the opportunity to choose what she will do each day. My son has also been looking at property investments as well as having a part share in a property with me.


Well done on taking action and I look forward to working with you as we take ACTION together. 

So what do you want to achieve on your Coaching?

My goal is to help you take the next steps forward on your property journey. This could be:

  • Get moving quick and start taking immediate action

  • To help you find an area to improve, grow or create business

  • To work through and discover the correct strategy for you

  • Explore ways to finance projects .

  • Talk figures and help you decide what works 

  • Look at your existing investments

  • Identify areas to maximise your capital growth

  • Move forward with your business journey



Together we will work on the sound plan focusing on your business, implementing systems and power teams.  We will cover making the right decisions for you , negotiating deals, financing them and exit strategies – we cover it all plus we have fun doing it.


I look forward to working with you and well done on taking ACTION, look out world here you come!